Rotary Club Returns to Red Hook Bait & Tackle, Friday December 2nd.

15123424_1246948342034068_588458002714687590_oRotary Club is not done with 2016 just yet! The newly revamped four-piece will be playing at Red Hook Bait and Tackle (320 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn), our favorite place in Brooklyn, Friday December 2nd. Our buddy Phil Lynch will stop by and play a few ditties from his everything drawer. Show starts at 9:30PM. We’ll be playing two sets.

You can check out our two albums, 2007’s Vis-a-Vis and 2011’s Second Year In Swine right here: Rotary Club Music

Rotary Club welcomes three new Rotarians: guitarist-keyboardist Jamie “Ossey” Osborne, drummer Marcel Negret, and newest member and bassist John Neidhart. We’ll be playing all new material and look forward to recording album number three in 2017!

Rotary Club’s First Gig of 2014 is the Friday, January 10 at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn

Rotary Club is very excited to start off 2014 with a great show, this Friday January 10 at Goodbye Blue Monday

Goodbye Blue Monday is at 1087 Broadway in Bushwick.

It’s an excellent bill featuring:

8PM – Phil Lynch
9PM – The Cameramen (Featuring Todd Perlmutter and Chris Dyas)
10PM – Rotary Club
11PM – Combat Jazz (featuring John McQueeney)

Come rain, snow or nuclear fallout.

Rotary Club NYC

Rotary Club is the musical brainchild of NYC guitarist, singer, songwriter Tom Devaney, who along with a few very talented compatriots from NYC and Boston, has been brewing a mix of what one reviewer described as “intensely imaginative melodicism and dazed, yelping Americana” since 2005. Indie zine The Big Takeover described Rotary Club’s sound as “Leadbelly, Charlie Patton, and Skip James joining the Band for Meat Puppets covers.” Rotary Club have released two LPs: 2007’s Vis-a-Vis and the fresh-out-of-toaster-oven Second Year In Swine.

Second Year In Swine

As with the debut Vis-a-vis, Second Year In Swine was produced by ex-Pere Ubu bassist Tony Maimone and features J. Johnson on bass, mandolin and assorted keyboards, Chris Weinberg on drums and Gordon Withers on cello. Mr. Maimone also played bass on Vis-a-vis and has performed live with the group when he can be extricated from the producer’s chair at Studio G Brooklyn.

This is what some of those nice music writer types have been saying about Second Year:

  • …a diverse little gem that is like its own iPod shuffle playlist; you never know what you’re going to hear next as Second Year in Swine veers from jazzy interludes and southern blues to wah-wah instrumentals and bright, cheery pop. (This Week In New York)
  • This album is utterly original and utterly solid. One of the best damn pieces of work I have heard in years. (The Noise Boston)
  • Here’s something different…sometimes resembling the lo-fi work of SEBADOH while other times channeling THE BEATLES more quaint moments, there is a lot of sophisticated instrumentation here that even includes cellos and often delve into an almost Americana feel.(Amp Magazine)
  • This band’s ability to stand on the precipice of abandon, yet maintain the integrity of the song is what makes them intriguing. This is one sharp band and they have made a fascinating record that can only provide even more unique layers to uncover as I listen further. (DC Rock Live)
  • The New York-via-Boston ensemble mixes a little art with a lot of melody, offering a sound that mixes psychedelic layers with rock attitude and feels like a Meat Puppets/Love collaboration. (The Deli: Music Recipes For New York)
  • If Wilco raided the Velvet Underground’s wardrobe, stole the Kinks’ haircuts, and then teamed up with Cursive. (Georgetown Voice – Washington DC)
  • Fantastic listen. (Weekender)
  • Second Year In Swine and Vis-a-Vis are available on Bandcamp. Rotary Club is also available on ITunes and CDBaby. And if this isn’t enough promotion, don’t forget to join Rotary Club on Facebook, because when it comes to the rock, one can never be over informed.

    Rotary Club, at one time or another, has featured:

    J. Johnson – Bass, mandolin, and all sorts of keyboards.

    Tony Maimone – Bass, percussion.

    Chris Weinberg – Drums, percussion

    Gordon Withers – Cello

    Mike Savage – Drums

    Jonah Sacks – Cello

    Billy Donohue – Keyboards

    Mike Lunapiena – Cello